10 romantic ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Is there a girl that you really like, but you cannot find the right way to ask her to be your girlfriend? Maybe you spend time together, chat on social networks, talk about general things and you have a deep connection. If you feel like there is something magical between you, yet you do not know how to approach her and ask her to be more than friends, then you need to be more romantic.

After talking to several girls on what their boyfriends did to make them fall for them, these were the most successful top 10 romantic ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend:

1. Simply approach her and ask her

The idea of approaching a girl and telling her that you want her to be your girlfriend sounds scary. You must be thinking about the possibility of a rejection and the humiliation that might follow. But the truth is, maybe she really wishes you would ask. Perhaps she spends ll her time telling her friends that she wants to be your girlfriend, if only you would ask. So just do it. Gather courage and ask her.

2. Write a romantic note

You have to admit that social networks, texting and sending quick emails have raced away with the thrill of composing a handwritten note. So, if you want to be romantic, why not write her a note ? You know, the old fashion way where there are no shortened words, or smileys replacing full sentences. Just sit down with a pen and paper, write to her and tell her that you really like her and you would want her to be your girlfriend. Every girl likes to receive a nicely written note once in a while.

3. Sing it out

If you have a beautiful voice and you enjoy singing, then use your talent to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Invite her for karaoke, climb up that stage and sing your heart out. Make sure the song has meaning, and it hints to her just how much she means to you. If you play an instrument like the guitar, then it is even better. Like they say, music is the food of the soul, so feed it to her.

4. Have a gift delivered

You must be thinking that for you to get her a gift, you have to have a lot of money. It is not necessarily true. It is the thought that counts, so you can have a box of chocolates or freshly picked flowers delivered at her house with a simple note telling her that she means a lot to you.

5. Play treasure hunt

You can suggest that you play a game of searching for hidden treasure. This can be either at home or in school. You should write the words: “I would like you to be my girlfriend…” in different pieces of paper, hide them and give her a map to guide her in finding them. Then you can sit together and watch as her eyes lights up when she pieces her found treasures together.

6. Bake her a cake

You can even ask your parents to help you bake it, and then decorate it and write the words: “I love you” or something meaningful on the cake.

7. Wish upon the stars

If it is one of those nights when the sky is studded with beautiful stars and she is with you, you can tell her that you have spotted a wishing star. From there, you tell her that both of you should make silent wishes. Ask her what her wish was….before she can tell you, tell her: “Mine was for you to be my girlfriend….”
Isn’t that romantic?

8. Take her out for dinner

Dinner at a romantic place will provide the right ambiance for you to ask her to be your girlfriend. It will also make her feel special because you put a lot of effort in making her day perfect. Just do some basic research on the best place to have a dinner date around your area, and identify the one within your budget range.

9. Go for a romantic walk

One of the best ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend is to take a walk with her to a beautiful scene and tell her that you want her to be your girlfriend. You can go to the beach, park, or any romantic place that allows you to have a connection. She will be able to remember how beautiful everything was when you asked her to be your girlfriend.

10. Use pick up lines

You may roll your eyes about this, but it can work. Pick up lines are cheesy, but that is what makes them interesting and even romantic. Look her straight in the eye, and surprise her with a unique pick up line that will get her laughing and blushing at the same time.

“If someone asks you if you have ever stolen anything, do not say no…because you have stolen my heart completely….” She may shake her head and even sigh, but that should only give you an opportunity to be serious again, and tell her how much you really want her to be yours, so much such that you couldn’t think of anything else but a pick up line.

Just remember that you have to be sure that the girl likes you. Don’t just approach a random girl you have never talked to, and ask her to be your girlfriend.

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