20 Romantic Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

When you are the romantic guy, you will no doubt want to express how you feel to your cherished girlfriend. You might buy her gifts, take her out, but the most powerful of all romantic expressions are the words that you say to her.

They will have an impact on her and she is highly likely to remember them not only for the rest of the day and way into the night as she falls asleep, but she is also likely to remember them for many years or the rest of her life. The romantic things you say to her are what will cement that special romantic moment you are sharing and make it etched in her memory forever. However, for the words you are saying to be romantic, they have to sound right and not cliché or inappropriate.

After you have picked out the special moments to express your romantic feelings with words, consider using the following as guidelines for the 20 best romantic things to say to your girlfriend.

  1. I love when you smile because when I look at you I can’t help smiling back, your beautiful smile warms me up.
  2. I love everything about you, your personality, your looks and especially the fact that you love me too.
  3. I never want to stop loving you, I never want you to stop loving me either, I want us to love each other forever.
  4. How did I ever live before you came into my life? I feel like my life is now more complete compared to before you came.
  5. I never realized how cold and empty I was before I started loving you, but now that I realize it, I want it to always be this way.
  6. I didn’t know I would find someone, that I love and trust and who loves and trusts me too the way you do. I am grateful I found you.
  7. You have allowed me to love you and I will be forever grateful for that. I am really looking forward to happier times with you.
  8. My days have become more beautiful and my nights always wonderful since you came into my life, I am looking forward to more beautiful days and nights for the rest of our lives.
  9. Let us take one day at a time and enjoy all life is offering us, it has offered us this opportunity to love each other unconditionally.
  10. You are not only very beautiful but also intelligent which is why you are my girl. I notice that about you every time I watch you do anything.
  11. I think I am the luckiest guy in the world because no other guy that I know has a girl with a beautiful smile such as yours and eyes that look at me the way yours do. No other guy in the world has you, because you are mine.
  12. Every moment I spend with you is precious, because my heart overflows with love when you are around me.
  13. You are an incredibly amazing girl! I love you!
  14. Everything else fades away when I am with you because you are the center of my life. My world simply revolves around you.
  15. You are the love of my life, my best friend, the only one I can count on to fully love me, you are simply my everything.
  16. When I am holding you, I feel like we should stay like that forever because what I feel with you in my arms is indescribable.
  17. When I think of the times we have shared together and how happy we are, I can’t help smiling.
  18. Do you realize how much I am in love with you? My heart flutters when I realize that it is only beating for you my love.
  19. You are everything I wanted in a girl, I am grateful.
  20. I will always love you.

Always remember that your girl is special and she has to always feel special when she is with you and when she thinks of your love for her. Don’t just use the above words to woo her, let your utterances be honest and sincere. Make sure that it is exactly what you feel, remember that you have to make this girl feel beautiful, wanted, special and much loved.

Also, note that these expressions might not always work in some girls since not all girls are romantic and love romantic compliments or frequent expressions of love. Therefore, when using the above expressions ensure that your girl will appreciate them and not cringe. The key is understanding your girl first and knowing if saying romantic things to them would be right.

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