5 Signs a shy guy likes you – watch out for these signals!

Trying to figure out if a shy guy likes you or not can be very confusing. Unlike outgoing guys who can gather courage and tell you that they like you, shy guys are different. They may throw some weak signals here and there, but the big challenge is knowing if these signals are just a mere act of kindness, or an indication that they are interested in you.

If you are in a situation where you have been getting vibes from a shy guy then these are the top 5 signs a shy guy likes you:

1. He is nervous around you

Well, shy guys are always awkward around people, and they like to keep their cycle thin. However, if you notice that he gets particularly nervous around you, then he probably likes you. If your presence makes him stutter, fumble over his words, look away or even tremble a bit (yeah! It happens to some guys when they really like you and they feel like being near you is like being on a stage full of people) then there are chances that he really wishes you were his girlfriend.

*Solution: Act cool and be nice to him. Do not make the situation even more awkward for him by pointing out that he is nervous. Instead, encourage him to talk by making light conversation.

2. He creates opportunities to hang around you

If he is always pairing up with you on work assignments, or sitting next to you during lunch breaks, then he likes you. Were you among the first people to receive an invite to his birthday? Or did he suddenly start showing up conveniently where you like spending time? If the answer is yes, the you should know that he is doing it because he cant get enough of you and want’s to be around you.

*Solution: Unless it becomes uncomfortable and creepy (stalker alert) you should take the opportunity by initiating a conversation and acknowledging his presence whenever he is around you. This will help him shed off some shyness and find it easy being around you.

3. He is extra friendly to you

If you are the only one who makes him light up with smile, or he is always too willing to help you with your assignments, then he probably likes you. It takes a lot for a shy guy to even wave to a girl he likes; and if he is doing it to you, then he really wants to be with you.

*Solution: Reciprocate his good deeds. If he smiles at you, smile back and ask how he is. Do not be too enthusiastic though, because you may freak him out.

4. He sends friends to you

He may decide to send his friends to talk to you on his behalf. I mean, you have already established he is shy, and sometimes shy guys feel like the only way they can get to you is by using their not so shy friends. If he is always sending people to ask you random things, he could be giving you a sign that he likes you and he wants to know what is going on in your life.

*Solution: If he sends his friend to ask you something, follow it up by talking directly to him and letting him know that you are okay with him talking to you without using ‘middlemen’

5. Your presence silences him

One of the signs a shy guy likes you is when your presence is able to push his ‘silent mode’ button. If he was talking to a group of people and he suddenly goes silent when you pass, then it means you have some sort of ‘power’ over him. He finds you overwhelmingly attractive that he s lost for words.

*Solution: Sadly, there isn’t any instant cure for this. All you need to do is smile reassuringly at him, give him time and hope that someday soon enough, he will find the courage to talk to you. Alternatively, you can ask him how he is doing, and see if he will talk.

The trick of knowing if a shy guy likes you is to be keen and watch how he reacts when he is around you. You have to understand that most shy guys fear humiliation and that is why it takes them a lot of time to come forward to a girl and confess that they like them. So, if you are suspecting that a shy guy likes you, be patient, be nice to them, and in no time, they may be able to tell you how they really feel about you.

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