7 things to say to a girl to make her smile

A smile is one of the most attractive things a girl can wear. Plus, if you can make her smile, then that’s a big clue that you’re doing something right and she likes you. Whether she’s already your girl, or somebody you like and want to get to know better, lighting up her face with a genuine smile is a major key to her heart. Here are seven ways that you can get a girl smiling with genuine warmth, and realizing how happy you make her:

1. Talk about things that she’s interested in

Find out what she likes. If she wears t-shirts with heavy metal bands on, that might be a clue on her music taste. Maybe you’ve seen her walking her dog. When you do talk to her, you don’t need to be an expert in whatever she’s into. Just strike up a conversation. “I hear you went to see _______ movie last week. What did you think of it?” or “Hey, I saw you in horse riding stuff a few weeks ago, do you have a horse?”. A couple of questions will open up the conversation, show that you’re interested in her, and encourage her to talk about her favorite things. When she’s talking, listen, relax and smile and let your face show that you are happy to be talking with her. Before you know it, she’ll be smiling too.

2. Be funny

Nobody wants you to turn into a stand-up comedian overnight. In fact, trying too hard to be the funny man can be excruciating. Instead be aware of the things that make you, and those around you laugh and smile. Allow yourself to see the funny in your own situations. When you’re talking to your girl, introduce a little lightness and comedy, not by memorizing one-liners, but maybe tease her (only about something she’s very confident about that she will realize is a tease), or tease yourself by laughing at something goofball you’ve done, or relating an embarrassing anecdote and laughing at it together.

3. Compliment her

Everybody loves a compliment. By all means tell your girl that you think her eyes are beautiful, but there are plenty of other things to compliment her on too. You could tell her that you like her in that outfit, because it reminds you of when you both went to….. Best of all though, is to compliment her on things that she’s done. “That poem you read out in class was brilliant, you must have worked really hard at that.” “I saw how you looked after XXX when she was upset. That was really kind.” These compliments show that you are looking beyond what she looks like, and are looking at the best bits of her character.

4. Let her hear you saying nice things about her to somebody else

If she overhears you telling somebody else how smart, funny or kind she is then she’ll be bowled over, especially if you’re telling one of your guy friends, or one of her girl friends. DO NOT talk about her physical attributes or what you’ve been up to in private, this will not make her smile, in fact it’ll make her madder than you’ve ever seen her!

5. Use a corny line

This is absolutely okay as long as it’s clear that a) you know it’s corny and are happy to be corny, but b) the sentiment behind the line is genuine. Examples are: “Life without you is like a broken pencil – pointless”, “I was looking at the stars last night and matching them up to the great things about you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars”.

6. Be there for her

If your girl is sad, then being there for her, and able to help her turn things around until she’s smiling again will be a magical moment that she won’t forget. First of all, just be there and let her vent about whatever’s making her sad. Let her cry on your shoulder. Once she’s got it all out of her system, that’s your chance to turn it into a smile. A daft but sweet comment like, “you know, I think you look even cuter with all that mascara down your cheeks” might do it, or you could say something about the situation, maybe she’s fallen out with her BFF, you could say “lets cast a spell and turn her into a toad”. She’d know you’re not serious, but she’d get the feeling that you’re on her side, and it would lighten the mood.

7. Be unexpected

At an unexpected moment give her a surprise that she would love. If you know that she’s had a cold, wet walk, be waiting for her with a thermos of hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows. If she loved a film at the movies, give her the DVD as a gift as soon as its released. Or just hand her an origami animal in class. Unexpected gestures always lead to smiles.

Making a girl smile is one of the greatest skills a guy can learn. A happy, smiling girl is a beautiful thing to behold. If she sees that you’re responsible for that lovely feeling inside her that comes out as a smile, then she’s well on the way to being yours.

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