9 Ways how to flirt with a shy guy – it’s time to make that move!

Shy boys have a certain appeal that’s almost irresistible. Have you ever been eyed by a mysterious guy across a room who simply can’t muster the courage to approach you? His reserved nature, shyness, or hesitancy all seem to increase his special appeal which girls find hard to resist. However, there’s one little problem. Even if you feel something for this guy, he might take too long to actually approach you.

So, what do you do to make him ask you out? Well, it’s quite simple. You need to flirt with him so that he knows subtly that you’re into him. Here are the top 9 tips on how to flirt with a shy guy that might help him ask you out.

1. Read the signs

First of all, it’ll be a good idea to read certain signs that indicate if he’s interested in you before trying to flirt with him. For example, a shy guy will be really nervous around a girl he likes. When she talks, he’ll listen attentively to her. He’ll even stare at her and look away as soon as he’s caught, and even seem a little embarrassed. So, if the guy you like acts the same way, he most probably is into you. You just need to give him some kind of encouragement that you like him too, so he can make his move.

2. Be approachable

When he tries to chat you up, smile and talk as well. Try to be outgoing. He’ll really appreciate it. Shy guys are often attracted to outgoing girls, since opposites always attract. When you catch him staring at you, hold the gaze. He’ll become nervous and look down. If he looks at you again, look down immediately. This will actually draw him to you because he’ll think that you are interested.

3. Smile and talk

Smile at him every time your eyes meet. Although he might immediately look away, give him a huge, warm smile the next time your eyes meet. Say hi’ and start a small conversation. If you’re classmates, talk about some class project or assignment. Just find a common subject and talk. Generally, shy guys cannot start a conversation but can carry on well if you initiate one.

4. Hang out with him

Ask him if you can both go to the movies or grab a coffee. If you usually hang out together, this shouldn’t be a problem. You can even ask him to invite a few of his friends and you invite your friends as well. At the movies, sit near him, and share your popcorn with him. Act natural, but subtly observe his body language while watching the movie. Whisper into his ear and try some funny or clever lines. This can help you both lighten up. In the future it should now be much easier for him to approach you.

5. Ask him to help you with something

Guys are always willing to help girls out, some even love it. That is just the way they were created. Ask him to help you with your homework, your school project-anything he can do. If he likes you he’d be more than willing to help out. However don’t take advantage and have him running errands left, right and center, but use this as a stepping stone to get closer to him.

6. Give compliments

Compliments really work with all guys, whether confident or shy. So, tell him how he looks great in the shirt he’s wearing or tell him he has a great smile. When giving compliments be genuine. Compliments are a good way to flirt with a shy guy and he’ll definitely appreciate all your attention.

7. Touch him

If you’re already friends with him, touch him innocently in between your conversations. For example, you can touch his leg or arm when you say something interesting, or funny, or when you make a point. He’ll surely catch your signals and this will be an obvious sign you are flirting with him.

8. Don’t force yourself

Don’t force yourself on him or he could get away from you. It might backfire on you. To avoid this possibility, make sure your approach is less aggressive and subtle. Make a few flirting moves gently and let him pick up the rest.

9. Leave him with your contact information

If he responds favorably every time you smile or say something, then he’s probably feeling attracted to you. Once you get these signals, be sure to give him your contact information so that he can keep in touch.

Flirting with a shy guy may sometimes be futile-he may still not get enough confidence to approach you or he may not catch the signals. Although flirting with someone so shy is difficult, it’s not impossible. Just make sure you understand him before you try your moves.

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