Learn how to Make Him Addicted to You – 3 Simple Steps to Follow

Have you ever seen those girls who seem to have a host of boys swooning over them all the time? Have you ever asked yourself what it is they do that you don’t? How is it that they can get practically any guy to shower them with love, desire and affection?

They seem to always have their way with men and the guys are more than happy to cater to their every need. In fact, guys stumble over one another to give these girls everything they desire. What is their secret formula? Well, we carried out a study and found out that these girls actually know something that the rest do not. They have several tricks up their sleeves that make them absolutely irresistible to the men around them.

These are tricks that anyone can learn, provided they know they exist. If you want to find out how to make him addicted to you, then read on and learn all the secrets that many women have been keeping hidden for all these years.

How To Make A Man Addicted To You

Well, the very first thing you need to know is that your looks matter. No, you do not have to be born a drop-dead gorgeous woman, you only need to look drop-dead gorgeous. There are millions of women in the world today who are not beauty pageant pretty, but they can get any man they want. How do they do it? They play on their femininity. Forget everything you have read or heard or seen in the movies, guys like feminine girls. Of course, there is the occasional tom-boy who simply blends in with the boys, but how often do they get taken to Prom by their dream guy? It hardly ever happens, unless they get a complete make over that transforms them into a feminine girl. The very first thing, and the simplest of the steps, is to look like a girl. If you are going to turn their heads, boys need to see you as a woman. So dress the part!

That being said, here are some things that those girls know and you don’t:

1. They Are Fun And Easy To Hang Out With

This mostly goes to how he feels when he is around you. Is he excited? Does he laugh a lot? And does he seem like he is being himself? Guys like to horse around. They like their lives easy and fun. Of course, there are moments when they need to be serious, but delegate that duty to their teachers, parents or bosses. When it comes to you, make sure that you are as much fun as your conscious will allow. Do not take life to seriously. Let lose and laugh at some of his jokes. Make some of your own and challenge him at every turn. Yes, guys are wired to be the best at everything. As a result of that fact, they tend to turn everything into a competition. Play along. Race him, try beating him at the ‘hot-dog eating competition’, see which one of you can stand a ‘brain-freeze’ without screaming. Basically, do all the things he would normally do with his guy friends but put a lady-like finish to them! Make it so that he likes hanging out with you and can’t wait to see you again.

2. Establish Yourself As A Valuable Asset

The one thing you need to know about guys is this, as tough as they seem, they also need someone they can lean on. Most guys have that in their ‘dude’ friends. But you see, a guy cannot let himself be vulnerable or to appear weak in front of his guy friends. He can only really talk about what bothers him to a girl. And not just any girl, a girl he trusts; like; is attracted to, and values highly. Your job, is to make yourself that girl. How do you do this?

3. Be trustworthy – Be caring- Always be there when he needs you

When a guy starts to see you as the one person he can turn to no matter what, he will become inexplicably attracted to you. In fact, he will begin to see you as the most valuable human being in his life. He will begin to see you as a rare gem; a special person in the midst of everything and everyone else. Once he begins to see you like this, he will innately want to protect and care for you. This is when you know you have him. When he is willing to let himself get run-over by a bus than to see any harm come to you.

All men are born hunters and protectors. This is something that is innate in them. They only need the right kind of outlet to let this inner warrior out. They will only do this for people they really care about. Once you establish yourself as the one person they can run to; the one person they can have fun with; the one person who is both feminine and as cool as his dude friends, then you will be the ‘apple of his eye’ so to speak. He will do everything to keep you safe and happy. And yes, this includes catering to your every need. Before you know it, you will be the one who has boys falling over themselves to impress.

These three simple steps will get and keep you there. Remember, you have to let him feel like a man. Guys do not like it when someone questions their ‘manliness’. If he wants to be all macho and impress you, let him. Make sure that he knows you appreciate everything he does. This is something that many people take for granted. Let him know that you like being around him. Let him know that he makes you smile. Once he knows this, he will be constantly trying to make you smile. That is the folly of manhood, they simply cannot resist a beautiful, feminine smile. Particularly directed at them from a girl they like.

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