Top 10 sweetest things to say to a girl

Remember when that moment came when you were finally alone with the girl you have always liked and your mind went blank? Or you were hanging out with your girlfriend for the first time and you spent the whole evening thinking of what to say? Well it must have been embarrassing. Girls like guys who are caring and who tell them sweet things. If you can remember these top 10 sweetest things to say to a girl and use them wisely then you can make her fall for you.

1. I like you because

Do not just say to a girl that you like her and stop there. You need to be realistic, genuine and sincere about why you like her. If you just tell her you like her you will be like any other guy trying to flirt with her.

2. Hanging out with you is fun

Girls like to be appreciated for who they are and it is important to let the girl you like know that she is fun to be around. This can work magic and she will be more than willing to hang out and opening up to you.

3. That looks nice on you

It can be a dress, a necklace, a bracelet or even just a t-shirt. Girls like being complimented because it makes them feel special. Look for something new that she has worn and comment positively and you will notice an instant glow about her.

4. What do you feel like doing

If you are hanging out with a girl make sure that you are sensitive to her feelings and opinions. It is good to surprise a girl occasionally, for instance with tickets to a movie or a show. However, ensure that you always ask her what she feels like doing after that.

5. I am sorry you are going through

Showing genuine concern to a girl is not only comforting but also sweet. Make sure you comfort her by empathizing with her situation.

6. I am sorry for

You are not perfect and chances are that you will wrong your girlfriend along the way. Genuinely apologize as soon as possible and she will forgive you because she also understands that you are human.

7. I would love to help you with

It is sweet when a girl knows that you actually fancy helping her with something whether it is homework or chores at home. Steal the show by offering to help before she asks.

8. Can you help me with

Girls like it when you need them. Find out what a girl is good at and ask them if they are willing to help and you will be surprised at how happy they will offer assistance. It can be a turn off to a girl if you are one of those know it all-do it all kind of a guy with no space left for her to participate.

9. Give me a hug/kiss

Girls are attracted to affectionate guys and there is no better way to celebrate an achievement by stealing a moment of intimacy. For instance, if she has just told you that she passed her exams or gotten a scholarship you can show her affection and appreciation by asking to give you a kiss or a hug depending on the stage and nature of your relationship.

10. Thank you

Thank you is a word that has proved to work magic in relationships. Being grateful for a favor, gift, or help accorded shows a girl that you do not consider their being mindful of you for granted. Always show a girl that you appreciate whatever they are doing for you and you will definitely make her smile.

The secret to using these sweetest things to say to a girl successfully is to always ensure that you are sincere otherwise a girl will soon notice that you are flattering and she might hate you for it. You need to act genuine and sensitive when using these ideas and you can make her girl fall for you. You can practice these guidelines and use them cleverly to break the ice or silence whenever you are around a girl that you like and you need to keep the conversation going.

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